DeliverableDeliverable NameWPLead ParticipantTypeDiss LevelDate
D6.1Project General Assembly Meeting minutes: Kick of meeting6ITRBRCOM1
D6.2Website 6CIDAUT DEC PU M3
D2.1 Magnesium Dross and Scrap Quality Download2CIDAUT R CO M4
D1.1 Industrial Waste Residues Evaluation Download1RELIGHT R CO M6
D1.2 REE Balance Problem Analysis Download1TECNALIA R CO M6
D6.3Communication Plan 6ITRB DEC PU M6
D6.4Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground, First Release 6ITRB R CO M12
D7.1 First Progress Report Download7CIDAUT R PU M12
D1.3 Recycling and Recovery Optimization Strategies Download1TECNALIA R CO M16
D2.2 Magnesium Recycling Routes Optimization Download2CIDAUT R CO M16
D1.4. REE Recovery Technology demonstrator 1RELIGHT R CO M18
D2.3 Mg Recycling Test Unit Download2GA DEM CO M18
D5.1 Rare Earth Recovery LCA 5Fraunhofer R CO M18
D6.5Project General Assembly Mom: Mid Term Review6ITRBRCOM18
D3.1 Development and Optimization of the Alloying Process 3CIDAUT R CO M24
D3.2 Mg+REE Alloying Process Test Unit 3GA DEM CO M24
D4.1 Scaling of Magnesium Recycling and Alloying Procedures 4GA R CO M24
D5.2 Magnesium Recycling LCA 5CIDAUT R CO M24
D6.6Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground, Mid Project Release 6ITRB R CO M24
D6.7Project Business Plan, First Release 6GA R CO M24
D7.2 Second Progress Report 7CIDAUT R PU M24
D3.3 New Rare Earth Magnesium Alloys Performance Analysis and Simulation Models 3ITRB R CO M32
D5.3 REMAGHIC Process LCA 5Fraunhofer R CO M36
D4.2 Overall System Evaluation 4GA R CO M36
D6.10Project General Assembly Meeting minutes: Final Review meeting6ITRBRCOM36
D6.8Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground, Final Release 6ITRB R CO M36
D6.9Final Project Business Plan and Exploitation Contract 6GA R CO M36
D7.3 Third Progress Report 7CIDAUT R PU M36