New Recovery Processes to produce Rare Earth -Magnesium Alloys of High Performance and Low Cost


Our Biomedical Use Case: Results and Application

Introduction Meotec carried out an FEM simulation analysis for replacing a commercial titanium alloy with an Mg-REE alloy as a Dynamic Compression Plate (DCP) in the case of a distal fracture 23 A2.1 occurring along the radius bone of the human wrist. Fig. 1 depicts... read more

Our aeronautic Use Case: Results and Application

A trade off study has been performed to compare stress analysis results of the Piaggio MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) pivot fitting and yoke assy (Fig. 1), that connect the composite horizontal stabilizer to the vertical tail, changing the actual machined titanium... read more

Our automotive Use Case: Results and Application

The use case activity in the Automotive field analysed the opportunity to redesign a tailgate of a production car, conceived in steel, into LPDC Magnesium. This analysis was performed by Pininfarina with the support of the Remaghic Consortium. The considered... read more

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