All partners of the REMAGHIC project (except Piaggio and Pininfarina, and the latter joined by webmeeting) gathered in Valladolid (Spain) to review the work done during the first six months of the project. During this period the main work has been focused on WP 1 and WP2, which are related with the recovery of REE and magnesium from industrial waste input. WP5 LCCA models development has already been kicked off during this time and Dissemination & Communication activities (WP6) and Management (WP7) will take place along all the project progress.

As a complement to the project during this meeting, two workshops took place. The first one was planned to give the entire consortium a first approach of the work which is expected to be done by each partner in the WP5 (Life Cycle assessment of the process). This first workshop focused mainly on explaining why good quality information is really important for the success of the project. The second workshop was about the Risk Management of the project.