Remaghic is facing its last steps and we have decided to take advantage of this opportunity to publish an interesting article about our Project and its benefits for the industry in the Impact Publication.

Prepared by Blanca Araujo and Federica Forte, the article explains in very simple words the Remaghic project and the importance of magnesium alloys, especially those alloyed with rare earth elements. It explains the techniques used during the project and the extent to which they are innovative and also mentions some of the challenges that the project had to overcome. The market dimension of the project, its applications and contribution to create a recycling culture are key points treated as well in this publication.

This publication has also served as basis for the creation of a new Project Brochure, which has been distributed to the Consortium Partners for different dissemination events, sending out copies as well for the SPIRE association, to which Remaghic belongs.