Last October Remaghic project partners met for the last time within this project. The reason for this meeting was not other than to review the project results, assess the activities undertaken during the second period and explain all the work done to the Project Officer and Project Monitor.

Within these three years, Remaghic has demonstrated that it is possible to produce magnesium alloys with secondary sources. The project has established recovery processes and chains of processes for the rare earth elements found in the different residue streams that were selected and analyzed from the kick of the project. It has also developed magnesium recycling methodologies for scrap, dross and sludge, and alloying procedures to produce secondary alloys whose performance is boosted by t he presence of rare earth elements. This performance improvement has been measured with mechanical, manufacturability and corrosion characterization. Moreover, the economical feasibility of the new alloys has been proven with an extensive business plan that was also presented during the meeting, notwithstanding the LCA analysis and the environmental gains that the project has shown for different impact indicators.

Soon we will upload our final publishable summary,