Last February Remaghic project partners met at Grupo Antolín Headquarters Office in Burgos, Spain. This meeting was important to plan and execute the final project validation, meaning all the recycling tests carried out with the Remaghic facility at CIDAUT workshop in Valladolid.

During this meeting the characterization results of the different recycled alloys casted in WP3 was reviewed, analyzed and discussed. The 3 project end users, Meotec, Pininfarina and PiaggioAero planned their demonstrators and how the magnesium alloy could confere a competitive advantage in their respective sectors. Namely, Meotec will design a wrist implant, Pininfarina an integrated version of a car tailgate, and Piaggio a pivot fitting for a small aircraft.

Finally, the partners had the opportunity to visit Grupo Antolín I+D premises, and most especially their showroom, which proved to be a very enriching experience.