WP3 – REE+Mg Alloying Process Tests

A REE+Mg alloying process and the main process parameters (temperature, stirring velocity, maintenance time, etc.) have been defined. As a result of the work carried out it has been possible to develop an alloying procedure, that has been later upscaled to a test unit... read more

WP1 Description

The first step was the evaluation of the main industrial waste residues containing Rare Earth Elements (REEs). This objective has been achieved characterizing the considered input waste materials and identifying and quantifying the REE content. The outcome was a waste... read more

REE Optimization Techniques

Task 1.3, optimization techniques to recover the REE from the selected three waste residues in Task 1.1, is under development. The processes being researched are solvometallurgical and ionometallurgical methods, molten salt processes, HydroWEEE process and high... read more

European Innovation Partnership 2016

Remaghic Project was presented at the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Material Annual Conference, in the framework of the Raw Material Week, organized by the European Commission, DG GROW on the 12th December 2016 read more

WP2 – Magnesium Test Unit Prototype Validation

An experimental validation test was successfully carried out at Cidaut facilities. Aside the Test unit with a thermocouple during the experimental validation test. The prototype reached TRL5, it has been used for the final experimental validation tests carried out... read more

Deliverable D7.1 First Year Summary

REMAGHIC is focused on contributing to Europe’s rare earth recovery and magnesium recycling technologies, improving the efficiencies of these processes and advancing the technology readiness levels for a new generation of industrial processes that will produce new low... read more

REMAGHIC at the Demeter Summer School

H2020 Remaghic project, coordinated by CIDAUT is one of the co-organizers of the event led by the EU MSCA-ETN DEMETER initiative (European Training Network for the Design and Recycling of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators in Hybrid and Full Electric... read more

REMAGHIC Six Months General Assembly

All partners of the REMAGHIC project (except Piaggio and Pininfarina, and the latter joined by webmeeting) gathered in Valladolid (Spain) to review the work done during the first six months of the project. During this period the main work has been focused on WP 1 and... read more

WP2 – Magnesium Test Unit Prototype Design

Remaghic successfully designed a Test Unit Prototype of 12kg capacity to validate the recycling methodology for Magnesium scrap and scum, showing features of Melting System, with electrical ceramic heaters, Emptying System, with a rotating structure, driven by an... read more

REE-containing Industrial Waste Residues Evaluation

An evaluation of the main REE-containing industrial waste residues was performed as a first activity in WP1 in order to identify the most promising waste streams for further study in the REMAGHIC project. Two were the tools used for that purpose: (1) characterization... read more